Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Seeking That Perfect Harmony

"A dandelion. Really?”

Yes, the bane of every overly-manicured lawn is the theme of today’s reflections.

First, let me thank my friend Marlene for the photo itself. What an amazing composition of texture, color and form. I am currently in the process of developing a project marrying her visual artistry with my essays for publication (and profit? ;-)). More on that to come!!

I was attempting to answer the question “Why do I write?” when I penned this line. It’s true that sometimes, the words flow almost effortlessly from somewhere and I just pray I don’t throw a mental spike in the road as they come out, causing it all to crash to a halt.

I’m sure you’ve felt that way about something. Like the symmetry of this dandelion: you are part of something complex, yet totally balanced and whole. It could be when you’re on a sports team, or in or a group of friends, or when you’re creating a meal or during a teaching moment in class: suddenly it all feels right.

Heaven knows it’s not always that way.

Things explode. Things break. There’s disappointment. There’s disaster. There’s a freaking blank screen staring at you...laughing at your feeble attempts. You can get ripped out of the ground and tossed to the wind.

Yet, like the dandelions in spring, we need to rise up once again. We need to reach for the sun. We need to fulfill our destinies- or at least just try and do our very best in what it is we choose to do.

Oh, that sweet harmony. Dawn breaks for us to try to reach it once again.

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