Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Darkest Day...The Brightest Hope


Happy Winter Solstice 2016!

I was hoping to take some pretty pictures today but perhaps the clouds are more appropriate, if less uplifting.

It’s pretty darn dark today. (At least in the Northern Hemisphere. Southern is rockin' the solar rays now.)

The Winter Solstice is in fact, the shortest day of the year. The Telegraph has a great article on the history and current events from a European perspective in today’s paper. The wonderful thing to remember, however, is that celebrations of this time of year span both the globe AND time. describes a few in an article posted yesterday. Our ancestors dealt with the lessening daylight just as we do- without the distraction of the internet...or indoor plumbing. They knew that once today hit, things were going to brighten up.


I love how we still maintain some of the practices that have been going on for millennia. I love how some have been integrated in a world our predecessors could never have imagined. It adds rich texture to our modern life. “Old Man Winter” is from this long-ago world as is our usage of holly in our decorations and lighting a fire or candles. Tiny things brought through the generations, reminding us we are all one big tribe of survivors.

Eventually, the weather will warm. Eventually, the days will truly feel longer. Today, light a fire and raise a cup of cheer with those you hold dear. We’re in this thing together and that is something to celebrate!


  1. I hope, as our earth continues to move through the years, that we can retain many of our little traditions. It is a link to the past, and gives us a sense of continuity. Happy Winter, Susan!!

  2. If we don't connect with our past, we miss so much! And sharing our pasts can show us we all want certain things. Thank you!!!


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