Wednesday, December 14, 2016


We’ve all dreamt of something seemingly impossible and imagined what it would be like if it actually happened. Whether the perfect dream or most horrific nightmare, our minds can take us to countless imaginary lands if we allow them to do so with that key “What if…”.

As a teenager, I would lock up in ecstatic glee at the mere thought of meeting a famous singer or actor. Yes, I would have been that drooling, babbling fool bowing before the great and wonderful Other, feeling an overwhelming sense of inadequacy, in comparison.

Today, I still think I would get majorly jazzed, but for completely different reasons. I’d be excited to learn about connections. What do this person and I share? How can we relate? Even better- how can we share those common links with even more people?

In this season of giving, Omaze has an amazing array of experiences available to pick from where you can #1 help some great causes for humanity and #2 dream about that “What if…” in your life.

Yes, we’re all grown up. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine wild ideas. Here’s the cool bit: we can bend those dreams towards something else good and productive that we CAN do.

Sure, I would love the opportunity to hang with G-Dragon and see a bit of Seoul. (And if you happen to put in for that one and win, please let me tag along!) I may never get to write a travelogue of my adventures in Korea and then donate the proceeds to a humanitarian cause of my own choosing. Well, I’d get G-Dragon’s input, of course. I mean, by then, we’d be tight.

However, that “What if…” of mine has already done a few of things. I hope it’s made you chuckle, for one. It’s also given me the chance to reflect on some big ideas and to write you a little message to hope and dream for yourself.

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  1. THanks for sharing your thoughts! I think you have taken your "what if" key and opened a brand new door! (And also took the key and locked a door behind you!)
    I don't know who G-Dragon is, but a visit to Korea would be awesome for you...Big Dream, but not out of the realm of possibility!!


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