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I'm a tinker in many trades but the only one I'm a master of is curiosity. I want to understand. It fires how I look at things, process ideas and seek knowledge from the real experts. As a child, I drew and read. As a teen, I read, watched and listened. As a young adult, I read, watched, questioned and tried. As a maturing adult, I read, watch, question, try and share with others. Throughout them all, I've written. I've been through public elementary school, private high school and a public university where I earned a B.S. in biology with college honors. I've worked in the field, in the cubicles, in the home and in an elementary school. It has all taught me a bit more about people. I enjoy visual arts, music, philosophy, history, world news and nature. Writers and thinkers who have influenced my thinking include Parker Palmer, Thich Nhat Hahn, The Dalai Lama, Rachel Naomi Remen, Krista Tippett, E.M. Forster and Thomas Moore. Two of my favorite personal teachers are two whose influences left us far too soon: Mara Oess, for her amazingly inspiring Asian Studies class in high school and Dr. Peter Fraleigh, for the college opportunities he gave me in his laboratory and field work on Lake Erie. There have been countless others. That is one reason my first book is focused on teachers. Dear Teachers is an offering of appreciation and support for the people who take on the responsibility of guiding our youth and connecting what we all are with what we all will become. As to my future, I hope to connect with many more individuals on a wide variety of topics. I would like to write books tailored to at least 2 additional markets that are dear to my heart: those with diabetes and the young men who will influence our future. I would also like to take my former teacher's idea of Asian Studies in high school and expand it to allow students from around the country (and hopefully the world) to study together and connect with influential contacts in Asia to build relationships and new products we can all benefit from. I've learned it's more fun to just be open to whatever comes along, though. It's all good if we go in with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

As far as my name and logo go, VerboStratis basically means "word layers" in Latin. Words have been my one constant and layers are needed to tell a good story.

Life is layers that, whether we believe it or not, are connected. It’s a humongous geodesic dome of amazement, complexity and geometry. A dandelion flower in full bloom is an amazing display of pattern. If you examine their seed heads, dandelions are actually impressive little feats of 3-D architectural design. I'm not alone in my fascination with this plant:

Harry Bertoia, Dandelion, mam.org

What’s more- dandelions are highly successful at stretching their reach through that structure. With nothing more than wind, one dandelion can have hundreds of offspring traveling...however far the wind can take them.

My words. They are part of the pattern. I’m tossing them into the wind. I hope they fly far and reach a fertile place. To do some good. To help someone. To tell a story that will help another flower grow on some layer and another set of seeds to flourish and fly free.

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