Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer Soliloquy

Thank you to everyone who has helped me launch my book this year! It’s officially been out for a month, and it’s been a great start with over 70 copies distributed in the US and UK. While my blog typically covers more general writing, I wanted to write today for everyone in education. You are dear to so many, including me. Consider this essay a rough sketch that could find its way within the next Dear Teachers. :-)

make your own sunshine.pngThe current school year has either closed down or is coming to its end for a large number of folks. It’s a time of transition in the natural world as well. Energy is building, gaining steam for the growing season of summer in the northern hemisphere. Everything feels so alive.

What are we growing for ourselves?

Our bodies.

We’re entering the 6th month of 2017. There’s time and opportunity now to wrap loving arms around our bodies and renew our appreciation for the wondrous forms we inhabit. For example, consider your feet. Sure, we could think of them as ugly. And yet, they have gotten us through to this day, carrying us faithfully through life’s ups and downs. Those without might (rightfully) chide us for our pettiness. Our feet are amazing. When’s the last time you looked down at them and said, “Thanks!”.

We may frown when we look in the mirror at lumps or flaps that weren’t there 20 years ago. However, these bodies of ours have made it through years of life’s turmoil. They deserve respect. So, let’s love the wrinkles and appreciate the grey.

While we’re at it, it’s the perfect time to tune up how we treat our bodies. Summer’s bounty of healthy fruits and vegetables and the lush weather that grows us these feasts are at our doorsteps. Let’s get out there and savor it all!

Our minds.

I recall days spent as a child reading in summer. I honestly don’t have the time or inclination today to spend that much time immersed in a book. There are so many other great things to do as well!! However, the quest for knowledge still runs deep. We can absorb new information and experiences through a huge swath of sources. Book clubs, twitter chats, podcasts, trips, classes and more can give us windows into great new ideas.

Time to ponder deeply or dance lightly through a delicious romance or adventure, whether in written, graphic or video form, stretch our brains in refreshing directions.

Our spirits.

Oh, our connections to others. We give and give and give some more all school year. We may find ourselves drained at this point. Now, it’s time to turn to family, friends and personal adventures like no other.

In nature, all the living things retreat into themselves in the cold and dark of winter. Trees and plants, birds and mammals, reptiles and insects. Everything pulls itself inward. For protection. For comfort. For preservation of stores.

For those in education, that time is not then and there. It is now. We retreat to our inner circles and bathe in a rich company of bloodlines and lifetimes together. We gather our stores. We find comfort. We are wrapped in the protective arms of our loved ones.

Here’s to a great summer for all. May you find what you need and enjoy your days in whatever ways you choose! Body, mind and spirit- fill them with sunshine!

If you haven’t already checked out my book, you can do so on Amazon here or contact me for signed copies at Dear Teachers is an everyday person’s thoughts & tales of life in education.  Pass along the word to your own contacts as well! I would love to talk to administrators and principals about how entire schools or districts could benefit from the messages, photos and writing space within my guided journal.


  1. Great thoughts on gaining knowledge, pondering and connecting with others. I agree!