Sunday, September 11, 2016


This week, I’d like to highlight one concept: Faith.

A potential Pandora’s box, right? That’s not my intent. What I mean is this: for every day we open our eyes to the rising sun, I have the belief- the faith- that I can do something worthwhile.

And so can you.

I have no idea why my body, without any conscious effort on my part, takes that next inhale of breath. I have no idea when that rhythm will end for me, but for however long it does, I will do all that I can to live this life and to share my experiences and witness others’.

I don't have a complicated idea of the meaning to life. I've seen too many people mired down in bizarre details that they couldn't see or be what they so desperately wanted most. To me, it's enough to believe the world is amazing, to believe there's beauty in little things and to believe that loving is the best option. I know there are countless bad things. I choose to believe there are just as many, if not more, good ones.

We each have the power and responsibility to multiply the good.

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