Sunday, March 3, 2024

My Vessel- A Poem

I thought of my 3 parts this morning and some words came out:


My Vessel

Three parts: body, mind, and soul.

Body feels so small now

How can I bend forward and already be at my feet?

I thought I was bigger.

My beautiful feet-

Beautiful because of what they have allowed me




I love them more now that

The path we’re on is so much shorter than it was before.

Mind is so much slower now

Why do I always seem to be forgetting something simple?

I wished for years for it to stop.

My beautiful brain-

Beautiful because it has connected and recorded so so many things




I love it more now that

It works more in tandem with my feet.

Spirit is so much more content now

How can I express the delicious peace I am able to reach now?

I howled in pain for so long.

That beautiful spirit-

Beautiful in its veil of acceptance that slowly settles when allowed




My feet.

My mind.

That spirit.

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