Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mountains of Life

Everyone has mountains to climb, and if we have good people around us, the climbing is easier and the elevations we’re able to reacher are higher.

Here’s a cool bit: Those people around us? They can be in our faces, in our pasts, or thousands of miles away.

The people “around” us are in our hearts, minds and histories.

I was reminded of this fact in a number of ways this weekend. Firstly, we had a great visit from a friend whom we haven’t seen in a number of years. Physical separation and lives branching with growing families pulled our focus away from each other. It was a pleasure to express and witness everyone’s evolution and current selves.

Next, I received a copy of What’s Under Your Cape? from the author, Barbara Gruener. I knew of her work, but conversations on Twitter led to some great connections forming and an exchange of both thoughts and life facts. Turns out, we both have deep ties to the state of Wisconsin on top of our interests in human development and education! It was a real pleasure hearing her initial thoughts on my own book, Dear Teachers.

Lastly, I read The Healthy Toolkit’s blog for July about journeys. This is a cool group with a strong presence on Twitter (#JourneyJulyHT, #SayYes2Wellbeing and #FFInspirational) that I encourage anyone with interest in education to check out. In addition to a great review of their history and plans,  I was especially drawn to this line:

“Our concept of ‘Healthy’ has grown with us, from our initial thoughts about healthy eating and proper hydration, to healthy attitudes to colleagues, to healthy use of social media and digital interaction.”

We’re on a journey. We connect. We move on. We grow.

We aren’t supposed to drag our journey’s mountains behind us. I could feel guilt and regret for losing immediate sight of a friend. I could be shy and nervous of all the great books out there by people with much bigger ideas than my own. I could choose to ignore the online resources of thoughts available across the digital landscape as too big or overwhelming. But I don’t.

I choose to cherish what was, enjoy what is now and look forward with hope for what is out there waiting to be. We’re all in this together.

We all color and are colored by a multitude of lives over both time & space.

That’s a potent fact with far-reaching implications. By relating genuinely and in unity, we can climb and not carry our mountains.

Summer is reaching its peak. As we journey forward, I hope you consider purchasing a copy of my book, Dear Teachers, for yourself or someone you know who is on an educator's path. Essays, nature photos and space to reflect for an entire school year of support. PLUS a closed Facebook page I will be supporting. Contact me directly at for signed copies, bulk pricing or to discuss speaking opportunities.

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