Friday, June 9, 2017

An Open Letter to Support Your Teachers

An Open Letter To Support Your Teachers

June, 2017

Dear School District Administrators, Personnel Heads, Professional Development Managers, Principals and Head Teachers:

You can give your teachers a warm hug of support that will last an entire school year.

A school year has ended and another waits in the wings. If they are at all like the teachers I’m familiar with, your teaching staff is probably hard at work right now closing their books, leaping into days to recharge with family and friends and also exploring a variety of professional learning tools and events in preparation for next year. They never stop.

My name is Susan Baumgartner, and I would like to introduce you to a book I’ve written to help your amazing teachers get a weekly boost throughout the 2017-18 school year.

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Based upon my lifetime of experiences and philosophical thought and 5 years as an elementary educational assistant, Dear Teachers is a guided journal for today’s educator. It contains 40 beautiful nature photos taken by my friend and elementary health room professional, Marlene Oswald, tied to 40 of my own essays on a variety of teacher-specific themes. In addition, there is space each week for the reader to add their own thoughts. An entire year’s worth of experience can be captured in this single, 88 page paperback.

I think of Dear Teachers as a friend that can sit on a teacher’s desk or in their bag, waiting with a positive word or picture at the ready or simply acting as a space to listen as the teacher journals. Some teachers have said they plan to sit down with Dear Teachers on Sunday mornings with a cup of tea or coffee before preparing for their week. What a great idea to embrace!

To assist with the connection of writer, book and reader, I’ve established a closed Facebook page readers are invited to join. I will post additional information weekly and readers may also share if/when they wish.

We are in this together.

I would love to discuss with you ways my book could help you support your teachers. Amazon offers Prime shipping directly to you from the printer. I also have signed copies that we can arrange special shipping and pricing for based on volume orders in the US. UK orders can be placed here.

PD events, in special gift baskets and in tool kits for your teachers or new hires are some of the opportunities my book can be used in. I am also available for speaking events.

I look forward to talking with you and wish you all the best today and throughout the year!


Susan Baumgartner
Author, Dear Teachers
Twitter: @sbaumgartner94

Phone: (262)787-8770

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