Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Whoops! Our Balance Broke!


My husband’s work has a relationship with and through that he received a bag of decorative polished stones with good things to remember etched on them: hope, inspire, etc.

Somehow, this one cracked and I was struck by the irony: broken balance.

This beautiful stone that had such pleasing colors and textures along with such a positive reminder was ruined. However, it still has a powerful message to give us.

We try to tie up our lives into cute packages to fulfill expectations from somewhere: ourselves, our families, our friends or our communities. We try to “have it all”. Is that going to work or are we going to end up with a bunch of meaningless pieces when things get tough?

Oh, to take some time and figure out what we really want! But wait- we’re always changing so what then? It’s time to look again. Maybe we weren’t able to embrace something like exercising before. Maybe we have a new connection in our lives who can help us achieve a goal we’d set aside before. What was doesn’t mean what is. What are we now, and where do we want to go?

We’ll each fall a hundred times or more. Our balance will slip. Our growth will shift us in directions we might never have anticipated. That’s OK! In fact, it can bring us hope. For isn’t it better to change in midstream with our own free will than have that “balance” we thought we had shatter when we least can afford it to?

Here’s to us all figuring out what really gives us balance!

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