Sunday, October 23, 2016

Happiness and Relationships

I’d like to share an image my younger son’s teacher shared this week on their class Facebook page, courtesy of and created by Roni Habib:

I asked myself a question: How are my relationships with students going this year? My answer was tough to admit: They are kind of rocky.

I do have some history with many of these students and I’ve been relying heavily on that. That past allows me to exchange a warm laugh on the field or communicate a wordless warning across the lunchroom. It gives me some gravitas when there’s an emergency and something needs to happen right away. However, it’s like a bank account that keeps getting drawn upon. It needs refilling or the relationship crumbles.

Am I building relationships this year? I need to open my eyes and really see. Pay attention to what’s NOT being said. Make eye contact. Hold my body and mind to the one standing in front of me and not my next job. Celebrate failure! “That was a great try!” “It’s a good kind of hard!” “I believe in you- try it again!!” are all things that should be on the tip of my tongue ready for everyone this time of year.

Relationships start with the one that looks back at you in the mirror. Am I feeling that happiness? Am I connected first and foremost with who I am and what I value? If I take care of myself, I can then do the same for those around me. I can then build those invaluable relationships that everything else hinges upon.

Happiness and Relationships Above All Else.

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