New Book for Diabetic Warriors!

My latest book, Dear Warriors, is now available on Amazon!

Directed to those touched by type 1 diabetes, Dear Warriors seeks to offer insights into my life with this condition, ideas on how to cope, and explores ways we are all valuable Warriors in this world: together.

In Dear Warriors, you will find four things:

  1. Essays on life's ups and downs, focusing on T1D
  2. Art by fellow T1Ds to connect our life stories
  3. Space to record your own thoughts, feelings, and plans
  4. Space to add your own art 

Order on Amazon here

I also have a small supply of author-signed copies I have available for purchase at a reduced cost of $15 per copy. Please contact me at with your desired number of copies and address so I can calculate the total pricing to include the shipping costs to your area. Once I email you the total, I can take cash, check, or PayPal

Thank you!!

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